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The Girls

Our does are CL/CAE free and are up to date on vacinations and worming

Nigerian Dwarf

  Cookie had triplets in 2009 and quads in 2010. She was Senior Champion in her first show. She is a sweet little doe.


DOB: 1/14/08   D-12345


  Flat Rocks MS Sudden Illusion
Sugar Pine Mister Illusion  
  OTR Juniper's Guinevere
  Shawdow Mountain Cavalier
Tahoma Velour  
  Knee High Blue Belle

Nigerian Dwarf

Tahoma is new to Whiskey River Ranch and has come here as a very scared little girl, She has had very limited human contact . She is making very good progress.

Tahoma Droplets of Cream
DOB: 1/14/08   D-12345


  MCH Little Rascals American Hero E
Twin Creeks in the Spotlight  
  MCH Twin Creeks BW Grand Finale
  Brush Creek Kennedy
Shadow Mountain PeachesN Cream  
  Shadow Mountain Onyx

  Nigerian Dwarf

Dough-si is the the daughter of Cookie and was 1 of the triplets in 2009. She too received a Reserve Champion in the Syringa Dairy Goat Show in Boise Idaho.

WR Ranch Dough-Si-Dough
DOB: 03/27/09  D-45988


  CornerStone Farm Temani*S
ADGA Autumn Joy Acres Xavier  
  CornerStone Farm Gabriella
  Sugar Pine Mister Illusion
Tahoma Cookie Dough  
  Tahoma Velour

Nigerian Dwarf

Pearl is a very sweet doe and quite the character. She has done well in the show ring placing first in her age class in every show and GCH Jr. doe in 2. She is correct with long legs and good body length.

Fox's Den Chocolate
DOB: 04/08/09  D-47129


  Camanna BS Troublemaker Blue
Camanna TM Blue Pretty Fox  
  Tupence Blu Blazes
  AJUD LD Senor Suerte
AJUD S Diamond Pendent  
  Camanna MQ Misty Diamond

Nigerian Dwarf

Shaylee is a very nice little doeling and we are excited to see how she does this year. She is the kid of Tahoma Droplets of Cream.

WRRanch "Shaylee"

DOB: 02/19/11  D-56187



  Camanna BJ Troublemaker Blue
Camanna TM Blue Pretty Fox  
  Tupence Blu Blazes
  Twin Creeks AH In the Spotlite
Tahoma Droplets of Cream  
  Shadow Mountain PeachesNCream


Mini Nubian ( 3rd Gen)
This doeling came from TW Ranch and is showing real promise. Her dam was Grand Champion in 2009 and earned her first leg as a second gen. We are very happy to add her to our does this year.

TW Ranch Fancy's BeBe Girl
DOB: 03/14/10  AMN01677


  Echo Hill's Sir Fredrick
Moonstone SF Maverick  
  Moonlite Maggy
  Cornerstone Farm Bakari
Moonstone B Fancy  
  Daystar's Faith

Nigerian Dwarf
This doeling is one Whiskey River Ranch's favorite doelings. She is the ruler of the pasture and totally fearless. We have great fun with her.

AJUDS Pearl's


DOB: 05/22/11  D-


  Green Pastures Macadamian
AJUD Pistachio  
  AJUD Suerte's Milagro
  Camanna TM Blue Pretty Fox
Fox's Den Chocolate Pearl  
  AJUD S Diamond Pendant

Mini Nubian
This is a very well put together doe and is showing alot of promise in the showring. She got her first dry leg at the Wine Country Classic Show and really impressed all 3 judges. She is very sweet and well mannered doe.

Moonstone SF Roanee
DOB: 04/25/09  XN01508 *P



  Echo Hill's Tobias
Echo Hill's Sir Fredrick  
  Hidden Creek's Diamond *P
  Caldwell Creek's Starry Starry Night
Moonstone Sandpiper  
  Hidden Creek's Dominique

Mini Nubian ( 4th Gen)
Mattie is another of our favorite little doelings. She comes from Tumbleweed Ranch and we believe will be a nice asset to our herd.

TW Ranch Matillda (Mattie)
DOB: 03/28/10  AMN01679


  Echo Hill's Sir Fredrick
Moonstone SF Maverick  
  Moonlight Maggy
  Echo Hill's Sir Fredrick
Moonstone SF Morning Glory  
  Moonlight Gabby

Mini Nubian ( 3th Gen)
This doeling is out of my special and favorite doe.
She is showing great promise and hoping to have a carbon copy of her dam.

WRRanch Roanee's

DOB: 02/10/2011  AMN022009


  Moonstone SN Phoenix
Moonstone P Konrad  
  Moonstone M Zoey
  Echo Hill's Sir Fredrick
Moonstone SF Roanee  
  Moonstone SN Piper

Nigerian Dwarf

 Sadie is a very nice doe with a sweet disposition. She is a 3rd time freshener and is consistant with triplets and quads.

AJUD Sadie

DOB: 03/08/08   D-41569


  Mik-Mar-Farms Izitso
CTC MoonshadowJl S'Mores  
  Shadow Mountain CTC Jodi Sands
  AJUD LD Senor Suerte
AJUD S Diamond Pendent  
  Camanna MQ Misty Diamond